Logistics Solutions

Toyota Lean Logistics Management

The philosophy of Kaizen is one of Toyota's core value. It means "Continuous improvement". No process can ever be declared perfect, but it can always be improved. Kaizen also requires the setting of clear objectives and targets. It is very much a matter of positive attitude, with the focus on what should be done rather than what can be done

Radio Shuttle & Racking Solutions

What's in it for you?

1. Productivity
2. Maximize storage utilization
3. Maintain Optimal Selectivity
4. Cost Effective
5. Minimize Damage
6. Efficient Movement of Goods

Toyota Autopilot System

Automated Solutions for driverless operation

Key benefits:
- Up to 80% productivity improvement
- 100% Accuracy in positioning
- Safety technology to prevent collision
- Cost advantage
- Can easily be adapted to existing operations
- Scalable


The Autopilot TAE50 is simple and compact, ideal for handling light items. This automated guided cart is very easy to use and install. You can simply stick magnetic tape on the floor, add markers to command the truck and let it run. More advanced routes can be programmed via Excel. Its flexibility in layout, programming and item handling make the TAE50 a simple low-cost automation tool.