BT Hand Pallet Trucks

The Toyota BT Hand Pallet Jack (LHM230Q model) is the universal hand pallet truck, suitable for moving loads in all types of applications. Lifting Capacity of 2,300kgs.

Also available in stainless steel and 3-ton variation. It comes with 2 years warranty on pump and handles only.


The BT Tyro LHE150 powered pallet truck is versatile and offers ease of use. With a service weight of only 123kgs and total length of only 1,530mm, the BT Tyro LHE150 is the perfect truck to be used in small confined areas such as offices, retail stores, containers or even on board lorries.

BT Walkie Electric Powered Pallet Truck

The Toyota Levio Pedestrian Electric Powered Pallet Truck Range suits intensive operations in fast paced environments and is responsive, manoeuvrable and ideal for use where space is limited and travel distances are relatively short. Includes BT Powerdrive, AC Drive Motors, Pin Code Access and various safety features.

BT Platform Electric Powered Pallet Truck

The Toyota Levio Electric Pallet Truck with platform is ideally suited for high performance applications regarding dock loading/cross docking/horizontal transportation. It is a fast, robust and strongelectric pallet jack. Equipped with BT PowerDrive, configuration- a Toyota BT Patent, Pin Code access and various safety features.

BT Electric Powered Stackers

The Toyota BT Staxio SWE Series Walkie Stacker is perfectly suited for environments such as shops, warehouses and other stores where light stacking and various pallet types are in use. Extremely versatile and easy to manoeuvre, the SWE series is equipped with BT PowerDrive, Pin Code Access and various safety features.

BT Electric Powered Reach-Stackers

The Toyota BT SPE120XR Reach Stacker is suitable for large warehouses where a wide variety of pallet types are used. Suitable for both open and close pallets, it offers an unique and modern application to various business sectors. Equipped with BT PowerDrive, Pincode Access and various safety features.


The BT TYRO SHE100 is the new entry level stacker model, perfect for light stacking applications. It can transport and lift loads up to 1,000kg. the SHE100 is available with Li-ion technology for simplicity of use and energy-efficiency. It combines the features of a powered stacker truck with the small size of a manual stacker.